'Playing the Game'



It is best to bring your favourite gear with you, or buy when you are overseas, but you can get sticks (Grays, Gryphon) quite readily, and some shin guards (when in stock), gloves/mittens, grip, stickbags, shoes, whistles, shorts , shirts.

It is hard to get good quality sports sox (woollen foot); there is not a great range of shoes (mostly Grays, some Gryphon, many cross trainers); mouthguards are best bought overseas.

There are no face masks for defenders on sale in Indonesia ; protectors (box) are hard to come by; and goalkeeping gear is non-existent in shops.

For umpires there are easily obtainable whistles, cards and weird coloured t-shirts (abuse is free and in plentiful supply).



Players participate at their own risk.  There is no cover from ISCI, or the Indonesian Hockey Federation (FHI), and we donít believe Gelora Senayan has any public risk or third party liability cover.  You will need your own medical insurance.



There are trained medics (who can treat minor injuries, insert a stitch, and prepare/accompany an injured person for a trip to a clinic) at most tournaments, but not at regular games. We keep a simple medical kit to treat small cuts and scrapes only. There are clinics (closest is about 10 minutes in a car; Global Doctor, International SOS, Global Assistance are 20-30 mins by car), and hospitals nearby (Pertamina Hosp 10 mins, MMC 20 mins) but most of us find a few beers at Cazbar heals most ills.