Privacy Statement

No-one is noting down your visit to this site.  We love you for it, but havenít got the resources to make note of it.  Firewalls cost too much and data encryptions is too difficult, so we donít have any of that stuff.  Given that we canít recall who visited, we canít, donít and wonít be forwarding any of your details to others, or annoying you with spam-like invitations to play hockey (or hookey), buy medicines with weird names or marry someone fromEastern Europe.  In line with common practice, it is doubtless that at some stage some feeble-minded wanker with nothing better to do will steal your address from your access to this site and annoy the crap out of you with a barrage of junk mail,  Sorry, we canít do anything about that.

Note that we cannot guarantee that any of the links provided herein will maintain the same high level of personal information privacy and security that we do.